Side-Effects Of Excessive Masturbation

Side-Effects Of Excessive Masturbation
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There are times you take things in your hand and make it better if someone is not helping you accurately. Masturbation can be one of the healthiest ways to explore your sexual desires and needs.

Masturabtion Is Healthy If You Dont Overdo Continuously

Health experts believe that masturbation is a sign of healthy life and can help to build a healthy sexual life. Thanks, porn, nowadays, young boys have started exploring their ways to sexual needs and are understanding very early. I can’t say it’s right or not, but I believe that everything has its own time, so is sex education.

Masturbation is a common sexual act that helps self-satisfaction. But excess jerking your friend might not be beneficial to you. Here are some of the side-effects that can affect you due to excess masturbation.

1 Tiredness

It is one of the common side-effects found in men who overdo masturbation. Excess masturbation can bring down your energy levels, making you tired and exhausted. Masturbating 3-5 times a day can make you lazy, tired and can disrupt daily activities. It is best that you masturbate whenever you feel it is needed to and do not hurt your friend with your excess jerking.

2 Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the signs of erectile dysfunction, according to health experts. Excess masturbation can make you lose control of ejaculation that leads to premature ejaculation. PE does not allow you to have a firm erection as well as does not allow you to satisfy your partner. There has been various incidence recorded of premature ejaculation that ruins a healthy relationship between lovers.

3 Hair Loss

Hair loss is a severe issue, and excess masturbation can enable this serious problem. Boys in their 20s should avoid excess masturbation to prevent yourself from hair loss and older appearance. Excess masturbation can inhibit hair growth, making you bald permanently. Excessive playing with the penis can lead to severe hair loss and also invite prostate problems. So it is advisable to calm your nerves down and control your emotions.

Excess Masturbation Can Shed Your Healthy Hair

4 Erectile Dysfunction

As discussed, Premature Ejaculation is an early sign of Erectile Dysfunction, this sexual disorder can bring permanent full-stop in your sex life. Erectile dysfunction can cause men of any age groups, and one can face troubles in their and sex and personal life. Excess masturbation is one of the reasons for men to suffer erectile dysfunction. Excess masturbation can weaken your penis that is responsible for weaker and softer erection.

5 Low Memory

Every guy around the globe can somewhere think that he is smarter and intelligent amongst his group and they might be. To become intelligent and smart, you need a strong concentration and memory. As per health experts, one of the few reasons behind weak memory and concentration is excess masturbation. A weak memory and concentration can affect you badly on academic and work front.

6 Aging

Masturbating 5-7 times a day will not only bring down your energy levels, but it can also bring down your testosterone. Excess masturbation can lead to premature aging, as per health experts, men can have low energy levels, stamina and may be unhealthy skin health. Premature Aging can cause various health issues, and it can also affect your healthy sex life.

To Look Younger For Longer Run Make Sure You Masturbate Less

Bottom line

I know it’s the best feeling ever when things go perfectly well, but excess work might not help you with over-time(benefits). It is essential that you control your desires and divert them on activities that can develop you physically as well as mentally. Thus, looking at all these side-effects of excess masturbation, it is advisable that you masturbate healthily and eat nutritious food for a healthy sex life.

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