Improving Sexual Stamina

It isn’t always necessary that a man take medications like Viagra to improve his sexual stamina. Following a few of the tips highlighted in this article can help you last longer.

Sexual Endurance

Almost every man is concerned about his sexual stamina at some point because he wants to ensure he is doing everything just right to pleasure his partner. Most men would like to be able to endure long enough without feeling rushed or feel pressured with issues like premature ejaculation.

However, this is a problem that affects millions of men and can be difficult to treat sometimes. This is a topic that most men are embarrassed to talk about with their doctors and don’t necessarily feel comfortable talking about with their partners. However, here are quite a few ways that you can work on improving your sexual stamina.

Masturbate more frequently

Masturbation is good for you because it is a healthy and natural way for you to take charge of your sexuality and how you respond sexually as well, especially if you have a tendency for premature ejaculation. Self-stimulation can help improve your stamina by shifting your sexual response. The start-stop method can help with this problem. Stimulate yourself to various degrees based on a scale from 1-10; 1 being non-aroused and 10 being orgasm. Stimulate yourself to almost 8 and stop and let yourself calm down. Then work up to 4 and slowly move up to 8 again. Train yourself to shift your response so you are in control of when you ejaculate. This will help you be more comfortable with intercourse and allow yourself to slow down once you feel you are approaching orgasm by going back down the scale.

Use foreplay to last longer

Most men would like to last longer because they would like to be able to pleasure their partners for an extended time and want them to achieve an orgasm as well. However, for most women, orgasm is not reached just by intercourse. That’s why foreplay, oral sex, and manual stimulation are essential to passionate and enjoyable sex for both partners. Instead of focusing on wanting to just make it last longer, focus on what is pleasurable for both of you, using touch, oral sex, and foreplay in between intercourse. When you feel like you may be on the verge of ejaculating, slow things down and switch to manual stimulation or oral pleasure.


Utilize sexual-performance tools

There are a variety of ways to improve your stamina, including topical creams that can desensitize the penis so that it allows you to enjoy the sensations of sex longer and delay ejaculation. These generally do not adversely impact yours or your partner’s enjoyment.

Use lubrication

Research has discovered that men who use lubrication along with condoms last longer than men who don’t. It’s important to use water or silicone-based lubrication along with condoms because oil-based ones can break down the condom and make it ineffective.

Silicone Based Lubrication

Don’t have unrealistic expectations

Contrary to what many guys believe, their partners are not always looking for long and drawn out periods of sexual pleasure. Studies suggest that the optimal time for intercourse is between three and thirteen minutes while the average is around 7.3 minutes, not counting foreplay. Therefore, lasting for more than half an hour is unreasonable and unrealistic. To avoid boredom and monotony in the bedroom, try spontaneity with different positions, more foreplay, and combinations of oral sex and manual stimulation. It’s not about lasting longer; it’s about making the experience more enjoyable, exciting, and passionate for both of you.

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